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Are you living your best life yet? You were created to live a significant. You are designed to grow and contribute value.

Do you desire to master your life? Do you earnestly want to be known for something that matters? That is a universal need. You have what it takes to be attain respect, distinction and influence.

No matter your skill level, you can attain mastery and excellence in your craft, skill, and industry. It all begins with personal mastery.

At the House of Mastery, we know what matters to you, your family and your organization. Let's help you to harness your brilliance, package your expertise, and leverage your resources so that you can attain profound significance.

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House of Mastery links you up with a mentor to hold your hand and a mentee to tap your wisdom. "The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own." (Benjamin Disraeli) Mentorship gives  mentor the opportunity to give time, help and insights. The mentee receives knowledge they can't learn in school. 


Coaching can be the link to extraordinary performance. Even the best players in the world need coaches. Our team of coaches with diverse experience and expertise will help you navigate your goals, dreams and plans. 


Training will help you turn roadblocks into building blocks. Our trainers are masters of the learning theories, techniques and strategies appropriate for adult, young and mixed learners. In our areas of expertise, we are unbeaten. 


How can you enhance team performance, consensus, leadership, and innovation in your team? What skills should you invest in? How can you help your team achieve the best personally and professionally? What business priorities should you work on now? We will help you answer these questions! 

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As we serve, we are aiming for complete mastery.

It's better to be a centimeter wide and a mile deep than to be a mile wide and a centimeter deep.

We esteem Excellence and Mastery as the paradigms that anchor our work.

Let's aim for mastery with you!

Personal Excellence & Mastery 98%
Public Speaking 99%
Emotional Intelligence 85%
NeuroLngistic Programming (NLP) 92%

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Roger Colt


Roger Colt


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House of Mastery will revolutionize the personal development architecture in Africa. I have been blown away by their mastery-driven training, coaching and mentorship products!

We supply value to meet needs.

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House of Mastery is a wow-merchant. Our purpose is to transform lives and influence futures.

When we give you our word, it becomes our bond. We walk with you every step, because we want to make you a friend.

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